19 Montpelier St. SW7

The Tea Clipper project is a prestige development in Knightsbridge that has seen an old public house converted into a luxury residence.  Renowned interior designer Katharine Pooley proposed a scheme which saw the property transform into a sumptuous five-storey home.  It has been finished to the most exacting standards, featuring state of the art technology and high-end lighting from a host of international designers.

Mectric Solutions Ltd was contracted to undertake the mechanical and electrical works throughout the project.  Our many years of experience and our longstanding relationships with a wide range of suppliers meant we were ideally placed to successfully fulfil this role.

The project sought to seamlessly blend a range of features into one cohesive scheme, and this is precisely where our careful attention to detail came to the fore.  We installed a comprehensive Building Management System, bringing control of heating, ventilation, lighting and sound throughout the property to the fingertips of the new residents.  In addition, LED lights and sensor controls in several locations across the project mean luxury has been teamed with greener and more cost-effective technologies.